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My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #12 April 2013

Wow! Two months have passed and I have been very busy. I have also managed to get down to 119.7kg.

That means I have lost 6.3kg so far. So want to know what special diet I am using? Do you want to know my secret?

You will be very disappointed I’m sorry to say. My weight loss has been down to two incredibly simple steps.

1. Choose the right foods and don’t eat too big a portion.
2. Do enough exercise to consume the calories I consumed.

With that last one I am kind of making a point which is aimed at all the fad diet people who think clubs or groups or weird and wonderful choices will be the pinnacle of their weight loss techniques. You guys need to stop looking for a secret key or weapon or whatever. You need to stop paying money to do what comes to you naturally. Oh! Yes it does!

If you know that it takes 3,500 calories (approx) for one pound of fat then to reverse the process you need to lose 3,500 calories from your weekly diet intake to drop one pound per week. 3,500 divided by 7 is only 500 calories a day. Now what can you drop from your daily intake that would account for 500 calories?

Do you like steak? A 16oz sirloin cooked anyway you like it is about 600 calories.
Do you like fish & chips? A normal portion of fish & chips weighs in at around 800 calories plus.
Do you like curries? Your average Rogan Josh puts an average 500 calories into your stomach.

So what’s the best way to eat? Make it yourself is what I have found to be the safest bet. I’m happy enough to go to Tesco and buy a prepared meal like a chicken chow mein but I would always look at the nutrition panel. I am allowed a paltry 60g of fat per day. Next time you are in the supermarket aisle choosing prepared meals look at the fat content and realise that calories are important but fat content is just as important. Choose wisely and pay attention to what goes in your face. It will show on your hips later on.

The last chicken chow mein I bought as a prepared meal was 400 calories, 4g of fat and smelled and tasted fabulous:

Inevitably my choice is wiser than the other ones on the same shelf. Because in one go I eat less fat and calories.

This is my fantastic secret: Choose wisely and pay attention to what goes in your face!

For your information 6.3kg is roughly 14lbs. Easy when you know how.