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Low Carb Diet Menu For A Day 28/04/14

My weight has been fairly static recently. But having kept it off I am confident the downward trend will recommence any time soon. I’ll keep you posted.

A short note on the subject of those horrible sugar cravings: I manage to get rid of my sugar cravings by giving in to them. Don’t deny that you want sugar. Just eat some chocolate (try a small bar from a corner shop instead of a giant slab from the supermarket). I find that when I’ve done that I can say to myself “right then, no more until next month”. And dumb as it sounds it is actually working. I have given myself permission to admit that I have these cravings and to admit that I called them “treats” when in truth they were just “poisons” for my poorly liver. So after accepting this truth I found it easier to handle and easier to quit for the month, knowing I could give in next month if I had to. Feel free to see my constant weight loss since January if you think I’m kidding. My diet is all in my mind. Bet yours is too.

Anyway here is an example low carb diet menu for a day

My Food Diary: Today, Monday 28 April 2014. The first set of numbers is the totals for the day.

Fat Carbs Sugar Net C Prot Cals
29.49 47.88 25.39 40.43 166.80 1156

Breakfast 15.78 7.85 2.11 7.85 16.72 245

Scrambled Egg (Whole, Cooked)
2 large
14.90 2.68 2.11 2.68 13.53 203

Sainsbury’s Chunky Vegetables
1.1 x 100g
0.88 5.17 5.17 3.19 42

Lunch 9.50 9.60 3.40 7.60 39.01 282

Co-Op Sweet & Crunchy Salad
1 pack
0.40 7.00 1.40 5.00 1.30 40

John West Tuna Chunks in Brine
138 g
1.10 36.71 156

Hellmann’s French Dressing
2 x 1 portion, 30 g
8.00 2.60 2.00 2.60 1.00 86
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Dinner 4.21 16.43 7.88 10.98 104.07 538

Steamed or Poached Cod
445 g
3.52 99.59 454

Tesco Pak Choi
175 g
0.35 3.85 2.10 2.62 30

130 g
0.13 8.36 4.94 6.06 1.17 36

Sweet Red Peppers
70 g
0.21 4.22 2.94 2.82 0.69 18
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Nothing complicated. No starving myself. All very easy to cook. Breakfast was cooked in a small frying pan without the need for oil. Lunch came in a can and a bag and a squeezy bottle. Whilst dinner took the most time to prepare I had to chop a pepper, peel and chop half a turnip and chop 2 pak coi pieces. Unwrap the cling film off my cod and place them all in my stove top steamer (cheap and simple). I steamed for about 20-30 minutes.

Some of you have been asking me to say what low carb or low fat foods I eat through a whole day instead of just putting down example meals. Well generally speaking I eat what I want within reason. All I do that’s different to you is that I am bothered enough to record everything in FatSecret. A great little app. Here’s a pdf of that menu above Food Diary 280414

Low Carb Cod Loins

Low Carb Cod Loins


Eat Chocolate And Lose Weight? Admit It You Hate Me Don’tcha? #24 Apr 2014

I lost weight again. I have now gone down to 107.6kg and I have lost an X too. Instead of being an XXXL – I am now an XXL. Woo Hoo! 🙂

If I keep going just a bit further I will drop to less than 17 stone. That is a whopping 3 stone off since this all began. To put that into perspective that’s 3 car tyres removed from my body weight.

I can’t honestly say the restrictions my doctor put me on have in any way hampered my love of fish and vegetables but with Easter comes the temptation of chocolate. So what I did was give in to it. I had a little chocolate.

They say a little of what you fancy does you good. In this case it was obviously meant in a morale boosting kind of way. I am now completely over the chocolate cravings and am back on the low carb band wagon once more.

Eat chocolate and lose weight? Admit it – you hate me don’tcha?




Low Carb Diet Menu for a Day

Lost weight again. Now down to 108.9kg. I’ve lost 8.6kg since February. Some of you have been asking me to say what low carb or low fat foods I eat through a whole day instead of just putting down example meals. Well all I do is record everything in FatSecret. A great little app. Here’s an example of a day’s menu for me:

To read the numbers below remember this pattern — Fat – Carbs – Sugar – Prot – Cals

Breakfast Totals 15.78 7.85 2.11 16.72 245

Scrambled Egg (Whole, Cooked)
2 large — 14.90 – 2.68 – 2.11 – 13.53 – 203

Sainsbury’s Chunky Vegetables
1.1 x 100g — 0.88 – 5.17 – 0.00 – 3.19 – 42

Lunch 14.54 – 8.32 – 2.30 – 36.98 – 329

Tesco Lighter Than Light Mayonnaise 1 tbsp, 15 ml
0.80 – 0.90 – 0.90 – 0.00 – 14

Co-Op Sweet & Crunchy Salad 1 pack
0.40 – 7.00 – 1.40 – 1.30 – 40

Smoked or Cured Ham 160 g
13.34 – 0.42 – 0.00 – 35.68 – 275

Dinner 16.74  – 15.50 – 6.75 – 43.61 – 384 (Shared this meal with my Wife)

Tesco Chicken Breast Fillets (130g) 1 breast, 130 g
3.40 – 0.00 – 0.00 – 37.40 – 180

Tesco Pak Choi 100 g
0.20 – 2.20 – 0.00 – 1.50 – 17

Tesco Closed Cup Mushrooms 50 g
0.25 – 0.20 – 0.10 – 0.90 – 8

Aubergine 100 g
0.19 – 5.70 – 2.35 – 1.01 – 24

Tesco Red Pepper 1/2 pepper, 50 g
0.20 – 3.20 – 3.10 – 0.50 – 18

Philadelphia Simply Stir 100 g
12.50 – 4.20 – 1.20 – 2.30 – 137
If you must snack – try nuts; Brazil, Hazel Almond almost any kind will do. They are great low carb value for money! Or if yoghurt is your thing how about a plain greek style with a teaspoon of berries like raspberries or blueberries. It gives me that surgaryness I crave whilst being kind to my liver.

Go for it, you know you want to.

My low carb diet diary #23 Apr 2014

I am NOT on a diet: Last week I was 109.9kg. This week I am 109.2kg. I have lost 0.7kg in 7 days. I have also lost an “X” off my clothing. Now I am only an XXL not an XXXL. That is great. Putting clothes on from the wardrobe knowing I am going to fit them. It certainly makes me feel better about myself. It boosts my self-esteem. It urges me on to do this some more.

Since I was put on this regime that is “not a diet” I have lost a staggering 8.3kg in 2 whole months. That’s 18.29lbs which is 1st and 4.25lbs.

The app I am using to monitor my low carb and low fat input which is called FatSecret lets me do weigh in recordings whenever I want. Sure it nags a little – but it’s okay. It tells me I will be at my target weight in 3 months at this pace. I had to put in a target weight so I told it I wanted to be 100kg (15st 10lbs) because I couldn’t think of any target that really mattered to me.

I am paying attention to what I eat and sticking to the regime my doctor gave me. I could quite easily slip and on occasion I allow myself to do so BUT, (and it’s a big BUT for a reason!), I am only letting myself do this once a month. So last month I had some chocolate – a Crunchie bar and about 7 Minstrels Buttons. I did this to fix the craving and not to treat myself. I haven’t done that since and will not do it again this month. I have given myself permission to eat food without considering it a reward for hard work or success. That was the old me. The alcohol drinking, pizza chomping me that is being re-trained. I am still a “recovering fataholic” I don’t suppose I will ever stop that part of me from existing but I am taking it one day at a time. And one kilogramme at a time.

I had KFC chicken on Friday just gone. Only original recipe cuts and with as much skin removed as I could peel off. The breadcrumbs are bad for my regime. I don’t eat KFC fillet strips for just that reason. The chicken is nicer but the breadcrumbs are a killer for weight gain! I NEVER have fries nor drink nor sides. And I’m losing weight. I watch what I eat go into my app. A lot of people pretending to diet say to me “I watch what I eat” and I have to laugh when I reply so show me your records and they say well I don’t record it – I’m just careful. That is how you fool yourself folks. You lie even to yourselves.

People say to me “I haven’t got time in the morning to cook all that” or “what do you eat?” like I am following some magic plan they can buy off the internet or shopping channel but this is just simple old me being strong because if I am not I will shut down my liver. What part of your body is crying out to be healed by you?

Stop it and get it all recorded whether its an app or a paper diary it doesn’t matter because only when you pay attention, only when you know what you are putting into your mouth, (over months not hours or days), will you understand what you are doing to yourself.