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Diary of a Recovering Fataholic. August 2014. Feeling Great.

Hello world. I had a real boost to my morale today. I was complimented in the most sincere and warm and friendly way possible. Let me tell you why;

When I began my journey shortly after the “witch doctor” forced me to “eat better or die” I had moments when I wasn’t altogether sure it was worth it. Okay the fitness was lower and the self-esteem was being pummeled by the mirror on a daily basis but over the whole of the next two years since 2012 I have had lots of highs and lots of lows. But today I was stopped in my tracks by a lovely lady I know as a client of mine. I was visiting the open plan office where she works and she sits with a colleague I also know well. Anyway, I was visiting somebody else onsite and the job required me to wear their polo shirt so I was wearing their brand. Thing was they gave me an XL shirt, not the normal XXXL I used to wear or the XXL I am down to now. I needed to visit the toilet to change and thought nothing of it. Having returned to the client and showing amazement that I actually fitted into the shirt they offered me.

Anyway after receiving the job brief I headed out of the door and was stopped in my tracks by this lady who was stunned by the change in my appearance. Her genuine warmth and curiosity about how I had physically changed so dramatically, to her mind, was incredibly touching and lifted my emotions enormously. I explained that it was mostly down to switching to fish. She thought this idea was brilliant as she liked fish and would give it a go. I hope she does and mentioned how I buy in bulk to get discounts and shop when there are offers on as well, all of which she took note of. Only the rich can afford to eat fish at RRP!

I was really happy when I walked away from her.

Thanks lovely lady for making me feel brilliant, and you don’t even know you’ve done it.




My low carb diet diary #22 Mar 2014

This is not a low carb posting. It’s just a blog posting about my hospital appointment.

The last time I went to see my doctor she told me she would get a scan of my liver sorted. That was January.

My appointment came around today (March) and so I went to the hospital for what was loosely described as an ultrasound scan.

I waited around for ages in reception, overhearing conversations from about 5 different languages, none of which were English. I would feel upset about that except I speak Spanish fluently so I am that “bloody foreigner” whenever I am with my Mum and we want to talk about the English people nearby.

Anyway I got called in and when I was in there I got gel liberally smeared about my midriff and then the doctor did her thing and ushered me out. She scanned my liver and my spleen.

I swear I waited for about an hour and was dealt with in 10 minutes! No wonder they call it the “waiting room”. Gotta love the British NHS

Apparently my liver consultant will get the results and decide if she wants me to come in or not, as she pleases.

I feel like a cow some times. Honestly…



Hello Blogosphere

I hope you have had a better couple of weeks than I have.

You will recall I returned from a holiday where apart from relaxing I ate bad things like ice-cream and fish and chips and all that bad stuff? And you will recall I came back from that holiday having not gained weight.

Well my triumph didn’t last long. I have gained weight; it is not much but it’s a “gain”.

My colleague went on holiday straight after I returned and I am the holiday cover for that job. It’s the same job that saw me go from 80kg back in 1999 to 120kg last year. Over the space of 13 years I have gained 40kg or 88lbs or 6.3 stones in or around ‘that chair’. I don’t hate it or fear it. It’s just a chair and the job isn’t rocket science. But it does involve an extraordinary amount of personal sacrifice in terms of comforts. I call it the whipping post. Just like Jesus’ whipping post back in those days you get punished and praised in equal measure for the simple job of trying to be fair to all. For being a professional nice guy. So it was inevitable that I was going to seek comfort in something once I had quit smoking and it ended up being Pepperoni Pizza, Chips, Burgers, Chinese, Indian, crap. All of it was and still is crap. I would end up so dog-tired at the end of a gruelling day. Some days I would literally roll out of bed, bimble down to breakfast and eat. Then roll into the car and drive to work, then bimble into my chair, that chair. Then stay there, sometimes not even getting up to go for a pee until 5pm. I might stay there until the early or late evening then bimble back into the car, drive back home, eat more food and then without digesting go straight to bed. No exercise at all. Just talking to people all day. The weight gain started to accelerate once I gave up smoking in 2005 but I was already ‘solid’ back then. Add one holiday trip to America into the mix and pop goes the belly! I gained a whole stone in one month from that American trip.

So back to the present and that chair had me in it’s evil clutches once more and it did to me what it always does. It made me fat! Well fatter. I ate but I didn’t exercise and that’s where it all goes wrong for me. I HAVE to exercise or I get fat. That’s the key to my success right there. So now that my colleague is back and things are settling down I must get a grip on myself once more and do more exercise to un-balance the calories going into my body from the food I am eating back in my favour again.

Personally my favourite exercise is walking. I got a subscription to Country Walking magazine where you can pick the great walks it posts at the back of the magazine that you can cut out and take with you for step by step guidance without the expense of GPS devices.

I also have a treadmill I can use and an adroid phone where you can download the app for Fat Secret. That’s got a neat little gadget that lets you scan the barcodes on most foods and it pre-loads them in for you to adjust the quantity to what serving you are eating then accept and move on. A great update from them in my humble opinion. And seeing the number of calories going in makes the job of stopping them so much easier

Last weekend I had had enough and took my sorry arse out for a walk. I went geocaching. If you don’t know what that is research via the internet for the clear explanation but basically you select a target cache and use the clues and co-ordinates given to find it. Most require that you walk there and that’s where the exercise bit slips in unnoticed (we hope). But it was so hot and I took my daughter with me so I only got to walk for about 3 miles. It’s tough being a dad. You want to do the right thing to show them you can and it’s ok to be healthy but then they wimp out coz they are just kids and you are torn between the two halves of that dilemma, oh well.

So with all of that at my disposal plus the love and joy of my extended family encouraging me to ‘just do it’ I guess there is nothing left for it. I will start it all again on Monday… and will naturally keep you posted on the results.

Oh? You wanted to know how much I had gained? I don’t know to be honest. I’m too scared to get on the scales. All I can tell you is that my hips ache, I’m constantly tired, I don’t do much activity, I just feel heavier. And then I went and tripped up over this article about how fat drivers are more likely to die than thin drivers and I really felt cheerful, not. 🙂

What do you think I should do to lose the weight? Let me know by replying using the link here. If the activity is not unnatural I may just do it and photograph myself in the process.

My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #14 August 2013

I have just been on holiday. I ate an English “cream tea”, an ice cream, a plate of fish and chips (twice), a 3-course meal at a chinese restaurant. You will notice I said those in singular terms apart from the fish and chips. The rest of the time I walked beaches or tramped the paths in town or climbed stairs in museums or shops or up cliffsides and so forth. In fact I chose these particular activities for their active nature. A fortnight on a beach being a lazy whale changing from pale to sunburned and gaining weight seemed contrary to what I am trying to do so I actively fought the impulse to buy a cheap holiday abroad. Here’s the tale of the tape:

I started at 117.4kg and have just weighed in at 117.4kg. I call that a result!

I tend to weigh myself on the same scales, at the same time of day using the same daily start, ablutions, cup of tea and so forth. I wear a tracksuit bottom and a t-shirt and socks. I have been doing this since I discovered that my normal work clothes and shoes can account for sometimes 2-4kg, (heavy denim or heavy corduroy, shoes, jumper etc). My reasoning behind this is that if I want to know what I weigh then I must put just me on the scales. It might seem petty to you but to me and my idiosyncrasies it makes perfect sense. I wonder how many professional footballers use lucky socks or pants or boots and fluff games when the right bits don’t fall into the right places?

I have a son who puts my obesity to shame. He eats just enough, has been known to stop mid way through a bowl of ice cream or a bar of chocolate and say “I’ve had enough”. I would pay money to have what he has. You would pay money too wouldn’t you? He can be full on two bowls of plain rice with soy sauce. He swims, does gymnastics, runs, plays outdoors almost constantly, has active mates and even gets awards at school for his athletic prowess. If I was at the same school as him I would be proud to be his friend and I believe I would protect him, (having been a taller child throughout my formative years). He is not academically superior and that means he is level-headed about life and his expectations are well grounded. But his single-minded attitude gives him the motivation to succeed at his sporting goals. How I wish I had this same motivation. What is your motivation? Death? Loneliness?

I have previously mentioned that I have been diagnosed as having problems with my liver. I am not alone in this, apparently millions of you fatties have what I have but you just don’t know it. If you knew your liver was 5 years past it’s sell-by date would you change? If you knew that your favourite bad food – a burger or doughnut or bag of chips/crisps or a bowl of chilli or an indian takeaway or whole bar of chocolate etc etc – has enough poison in it to kill you if your liver and kidney couldn’t operate the way they currently do – would you stop eating it? Or finish it and say you will stop tomorrow? It’s just one. I won’t eat later if I have this now. It’s just a small one.

And all the other platitudes you use to avoid facing up to the fact you are fat because you put crap in your mouth and don’t think about it. You sit on the sofa watching crap on the television and don’t think about it.

Today is Sunday. For breakfast I had a couple of wholemeal toast with marmalade. For lunch I am having grilled skinless chicken and green salad. For tea I am having a rice based meal made from ingredients we bought at the greengrocers (not ready-made crap). I am snacking on a weighed out measure of dates and on the ingredients list on the packet it says the ingredients are: DATES (that’s it, no extra crap).

So my blog today is about a couple of things really.

1. You can treat yourself if you use moderation and exercise appropriately. You do not need to deny yourself the things you like in life so long as you avoid excess.

2. Not knowing what goes into your food will kill you. DEAD!

Check out these lovely videos. Please make sure you watch them on a full stomach of proper food… 🙂

Jamie Oliver on what makes a MacDonalds Burger: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2092127/Jamie-Oliver-Victory-McDonalds-stops-using-pink-slime-burger-recipe.html

Some guy explaining how Chicken Nuggets are made (disgusting but funny): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwEqi0zfJ4o

Until next time. Please be healthy, stop eating food that contains things you can’t understand and get off the chair and go up ad down the stairs ten times in each direction. Go on, do it. I dare you. In fact I double dare you! In fact I am going to do it myself as soon as I have finished posting this.

My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #9 January 2013

I recently went to the hospital for a few tests. Unfortunately the diagnosis was not great. I have problems with my liver from being bad and eating and drinking the wrong foods and beers etc.

You know the ones I’m talking about don’t you? The same ones you eat and drink. Yeah, those ones.

The worse bit is that my bad decisions left my liver scarred (cirrhosis). Now I am banned from alcohol, fizzy drinks and fatty foods. And if I don’t change, I will most likely die a lot earlier than my alloted 3 score and ten.

Well, erm, what do I do with that kind of information? I will tell you what I would do. Exactly what I did do, same as you. I undertook to change my life for the better. I have 3 very good reasons, at home, why I get up each and every day. There is nothing more important than my family. I have to get healthier

This is not a detox, not some prissy New Year’s resolution to me. This is life and I suppose death. So if I am doing the right thing then I am happy with myself. I can look you in the eye and be happy with myself.

I haven’t weighed myself recently but I know last time I did I was at 122kg. What I need to do now is tweak this plan. I really want to see myself permanently under 120kg. That means I have to do it nice and slowly. That’s how I got this way wasn’t it? I ate too much, got heavier, stayed that way for a while then did it all over again. So over last week I ate more salads, slept more, snacked less and who knows if it works then great. If not then next week and the week after and the week after that and so on, until this works I will have to ramp up the attitude towards green food. It’ll be more salads, less snacking and more sleep. Doing treadmill work is an incidental happy accident of this programme whereby I feel better each time I do some treadmill work, so I end up repeating the feel good factor by doing a bit more.

I don’t want to or need to lose weight quickly, I certainly don’t want rolls of loose fat lying around my body, making me look like some sort of giant croissant, I plan to do this slowly so I can shrink back along with my weight.

Well that’s my attitude. And my plan. What’s yours?