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My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #13 July 2013

Hello blog world. I hope this new posting finds you feeling well in body and mind.

I am happy today. I managed to reach a new low! I am now 117.5kg.

I have no idea how much fat I have removed from my body but I’ve removed nearly 10kg of weight from the scales. So I must be doing something right.

I am not following a diet and you are not following me to find out what it’s like being on a diet because I’m not on one. If you know anything about my world from the earlier posts you will know I am trying to just pay attention to what goes into my mouth.

I recently went kind of “offline” as far as my exercise is concerned because I have been getting to work really early and leaving really late. I have been doing this for some 3 months to see a contract out of my warehouse. Now it is gone I am free to return my life to some semblance of normality. I can return to getting up early and going for a bike ride, instead of getting up early and stumbling into the warehouse, eyes stuck together from tiredness to pour coffee down my neck so I can force a few more hours out of my body. Oh joy.

So having stopped exercising for 3 months how on earth did I manage to lose weight? Easy really I kept moving while doing the warehouse work. So what kind of work do you do? Can you slim down your lunch so that you can slim down? Can you expand your time exercising so you can stop expanding?

Come on. You can do it. I’ve eaten some really naughty things. Doughnuts and KFC and chips and chocolate and still I lost weight.

My secret is that I allow myself to not eat those naughty things any more than once in a very long while. Here you are going to have to think in terms of months, not days. If you have a chocolate bar today then make sure you don’t eat another until next month. Get the idea? Don’t stop enjoying the great things in life, just intersperse them with the fact that you are fat because you are greedy and to stop being fat you must stop being greedy.

Have a salad! I have them all the time. They take moments to prepare and they are honestly far better for you than that processed rubbish you just bought from the shop because you were too lazy to get off that unexercised arse and cut up a few vegetables. Try paying attention to what it is you put in your face. You’ve watched “Secret Eaters” because you wanted it to be true of somebody else. It isn’t you overeating, or you under exercising is it?

Cook your own food and you can benefit in more ways than one. You can know exactly what’s going into your dinner. Not too much salt, just the amount you like. Not too much sugar, just the amount you really enjoy. Eggs cooked perfectly and meat at just the right shade of pink or brown. Plus making your own food allows you to eat less and benefit more – want to know why? You sure you don’t know? Want me to tell you?

Come on, isn’t it obvious?

Cooking your own food increases your exercise levels. Try cooking with the radio on instead of with the boring old TV. Swing those fat old hips to some music you like and watch your endorphins rise. That’s gonna help you eat less when it comes to the scoffing part of the evening.

Hopefully if you cooked healthy or made a salad then you should be able to go to the scales in a couple of weeks and see the difference. It doesn’t take much to make the change you know. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

3,500 calories = 1 lb of fat

So all you have to do to lose weight is find lots of easy, happy, fun ways to shed 3,500 calories from your intake. Try having toast and jam with NO BUTTER and NO MARGE and NO SPREAD. It will drop your intake of fat by around 3g of fat which is around 30 calories. It really is that simple and after trying it – I like it without the butter around half the time. I use to calculate my intake. I like their food diary function and have downloaded the app onto my mobile so I can take it with me anywhere. I recently found out it has a barcode scanner element to it too so I can load foods into my food diary just by zapping the barcode. Cool eh?

So all in all I stopped exercising but did a manual job which gave me back the physical element to my day. Alongside my continued paying attention to what I’m putting into my face and there you have it.

Weight loss — Simple. Even I can do it. So I know you can!

Give it a go and tell me how you got on. Go on, get off your arse and do it!