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My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #7 December 2012

Twas the night before Christmas and all was silent, except for the whooping as I reach 121.5kg. Hey a half a kilo is a half a kilo! And for all you American cousins reading my blog – this is around 1.1lbs. But look it was a downwards move on the scales so my mood is upwards. Well it is as far as my weight is concerned. My concerns over my work mean I face the mortal enemy of fataholics across the planet, the mood-swing-munchies! I get depressed over my margins and the next thing I know my hand is automatically reaching out for peanuts/chips/cake/burgers/chicken/curry etc etc I am sure you can add your own version if i didn’t list it.

So what on earth am I doing about the mood swings? Well nothing I can do about it. I am not omnipotent, omnipresent nor omniscient so there is nothing to be done but sit and wait for it to pass. It will, I am sure it will because I remember days when my mood was lighter and my affinity for chips was less resonant on my mind.

I am doing a thing called “stuffing”. I have no idea what a psychiatrist might call it but I call it “stuffing”. Basically I am finding things which are incredibly low in fat (and often calories, but I pay less attention to that) and I gorge on it. Right now I have had no breakfast and for lunch I had a chicken salad sandwich at 3.6g of fat followed by a short tuna sandwich at 4.3g of fat. I have had a fat-free Muller yoghurt and am 1/3rd of the way through a bag of red seedless grapes. This will allow me to feel less like being bad because my body is on the verge of puking so I don’t get cravings.

Does that shock you? It doesn’t shock me. I live with these feelings every day. I don’t normally rationalise them the way I have been in this blog, which I have to say is becoming quite cathartic.

Let’s see when did I last do this? Why just last night I gorged on satsumas. Prior to this it could be Sugar Snap Peas, Mangetout, Kholrabi, Boiled Potato, Baked Beans, anything low in fat. I am finding it means I don’t have to face the bigger fear which is how I will feel emotionally if I don’t get the thump in my belly that I need to feel full.

Do you know what thump I’m talking about? Those who said no, be quiet and listen, those of you who said yes – you need to start talking out loud about your problem. You, my friend are a fataholic

I am a recovering fataholic who is on a “paying attention” food intake change. I am not dieting. I am paying attention. No food is taboo. I bought some cakes from Tesco a few days back. They are to replace my empty plate when everybody else is sharing the proper Christmas cake. Mine are Lemon Drizzle and Carrot Cake and they look properly nice but have a miniscule amount of fat per slice. I have stocked up on frozen yoghurt too – just in case.

I will allow myself one chocolate and one other fat laden treat. A Christmas Turkey Dinner. But I am planning to control that portion and switch to a low fat food as soon after as is possible to control. Grapes? Melon? Satsumas?

Who knows. Just as long as I am trying to pay attention. That’s the key to not being a fatty over Christmas.

To all my friends, Merry Christmas

To all you fatties – “PAY ATTENTION” to what you are putting in your orifice, your pie hole.


My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #6 December 2012

As I write this blog posting I am at that point in the dietary cycle called “The Plateau”. It isn’t really a plateau it’s just a case of my exercise failed to remove enough calories to burn fat so I am the same weight that I was last week at 122kg. Almost a whole stone shed off my body. (14lbs in U.S. money i think).

It isn’t a point of concern to me because I know that I am in this for the long haul. My weekend was particularly anti-diet because I did no exercise whatsoever. So I have no problem with the fact that I have not lost weight this week. I am if anything entirely happy to note that I now know how naughty I can be without gaining weight.

And the answer is – not very. Alas I am bound to my “paying attention” diet forever. I’m not unhappy about this because I am not excluding any particular food. I am just being more careful than most other folk.

My breakfast today was 3 small apples, a clementine and a few grapes. I had porridge for lunch. For my tea I had salad with pan-fried (fat free) diced turkey thigh with chillies. I snacked on 2 yoghurts and 30g of tropical mix (which includes coconut, raisins, papaya, nuts, banana chips etc all labelled up as 5g fat per 30g). And I just had 2 pieces of granary bread, toasted with a smear of butter. I feel full, I have no hunger pangs. Nobody told me what I had to eat or when. This is just what I fancied knowing that I need to keep the fat content low to get that 0.1kg back off the scales and into my “smug pot”.

I walked almost 2 miles today too, so the exercise has made a comeback in my life too.

Here my thoughts switch to the unhappier part of my diet. The mirror. I tend to lose most of my weight shortly after I stand and look at myself naked in the mirror. The rolls, the creases, the ugly bits. They’re all there. Horrid though they are, they are my fault. I put them there by opening my mouth and pushing in too many calories than my fat arse was getting up and burning. I talk to my flabby bits you know. I haven’t got as sad as naming them, but it’s only a short hop skip and a jump from here you know.

This is the reason I call myself a fataholic. I am not physically addicted to fat. I am emotionally addicted to it. I cannot maintain a low food diet nor a high fat, low carb diet for long before I am thinking about bad stuff like a peanut butter sandwich or a bag of chips with malt vinegar drizzled over it. Or a sumptuous cheesecake with lashings of lovely cream all over it. And so on. Here’s blank so you can fill in your own naughty desire:______________________________________.

I love fatty foods. Nuts, cake, pizza, curries, chinese foods, chips chips and lovely chippy-chips. My body hates the stuff but my mind craves it all the more. I really struggle with the thoughts of chips more than anything else. I know I have said this before but I am not dieting on purpose. If I went on a diet I would gain weight faster than I could say fataholic. I don’t deny myself any of those foods. I merely choose to be incredibly careful about how often I eat any of them. Not one fast food meal has passed my lips since I started this diet around Nov 1. That’s more than a full month of me doing the complete opposite to what my mind really wants me to do.

Chips glorious chips!! Nothing quite like ’em for glooping the blood (ha ha)

I do hope my liver consultant appreciates the effort I am going to to make her happy. She says I have a fatty liver which is displaying signs of cirrhosis. Oh great. I’m fat on the outside AND the inside too. Bugger! More to deal with.

She also banned me from having anything fizzy and any alcohol whatsoever until after the clinic does it’s diagnosis. I can assure you that is a whole other subject matter for blogging about.

Until next time. Remember moderation – in everything – is the only way out of the despair of obesity.

My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #5 2012

Well the festive period looms and it’s another weigh in and yet more weight loss. I’m now down to 122kg. I reckon that’s pretty good going so far considering I haven’t really had to do much exercise for it.

Sure I’ve done my lunchtime walks but they have been fewer since the weather got colder and I’m going through a busy period at work. So I’m guessing the weight loss is down to eating in this new way. I don’t do or think much really apart from paying attention to what I am eating. And I pay attention to what is in my larder, fridge and freezer too. Perhaps I should call this the “Pay Attention Diet”. My fridge is stocked to the gunwhales – I am keeping veg and fruit in there. I buy these products regularly, sometimes twice a week to keep my stocks high. I need a lot of choice to make this diet as much fun as my imagination will allow. I keep stuff like pasta and rice adequately stocked too. I also make sure I have sufficient potatoes lying around. The protein fills the freezer mostly with stuff like fish, chicken. Our lazy diet beforehand used to be tasty food but bad food. Processed rubbish like shop made pies etc. This is slowly changing as we consume the old rubbish and switch from high fat choices like pies or leg of lamb joints or pork roasting joints or even beef steaks to lower fat choices like turkey and chicken and cod. I love fish and my family is really taking to the new ways of cooking. One of our favourites is home made cotriade which is a North France (Breton I believe) fish stew. We use cheaper fish and cheaper herbs and spices than this particular recipe but ours is a fair representation. Also we add saffron because it kind of looks nice. It’s a great winter warmer and we make it without frying anything. After all a recipe is just a guide. It’s not a rule book unless you’re a restaurant. But seriously folks – I cannot believe you cannot lose weight by following this simple rule of paying attention to what you are shovelling in your face. Are you really dying for it? Or will you really be dying for it later, in hospital?

We teach our kids that as they grow up they must make the right choices in life. We try to teach them life skills like how to be clean and tidy. Social skills like how to make friends or share toys. What is missing in their lives is another life skill – being able to cook from scratch. I dread to think how many people eat those microwave nasties from the supermarkets. You know the ones I mean – a ready made meal that you just slam in the microwave. Please. I can do that, have more fun with my kids and eat fewer calories too. I bet you have all eaten at least one convenience meal in the last month because you were just lazy. Not tired, don’t excuse yourself you fatty. You were being lazy!! It’s time you admit to yourself that you too are a fatty and join my blog! Tell me what you’ve done to pay attention to what you eat. Start simple – just change breakfast first.

Take breakfast for instance. I choose from porridge (2 tablespoons for portion control) or 2 pieces of granary toast (more filling) with a small smear of butter (instead of the normal great dollop) with a fair topping of either sugar-free jam/Philadelphia cheese/honey or fruit salad with either pouring or thick yoghurt (fruit flavoured or fat-free)(melon, grapes, bananas is my favourite). I am not averse to choosing cornflakes with bananas or muesli with bananas. It’s a wide choice really isn’t it? Once in November I fancied bacon for breakfast so I grilled 3 rashers and scrambled 3 eggs without milk. I put it all on a single piece of granary toast and drank a large cup of tea – lovely! Now as far as this goes I call it a “treat”. I use treats to keep me on the straight and narrow. The best way I can describe how I do this is to think of things as monthly treats. So I might have another bacon/egg breakfast but it will be once in December, not twice. That’s how I am behaving in order to “pay attention” to treats.

I could go on but why should I? I have consistently lost weight and am eating well. I reckon anybody could do this diet as long as they stick to one rule. PAY ATTENTION to what you are sticking in your mouth. Make sure it is the low fat choice in any given situation and you should lose weight too.

A simple way to calculate it would be like this. If you figure out your calorie intake to stay at the same weight is say 2000 calories and you eat 2,500 the chances are you are a fatty. So just walk around the block as many times as it takes, or on the treadmill or do what suits you to lose weight. PAY ATTENTION to getting under the 2000 calorie mark. You can find out via the internet how many calories you need to lose to lose one pound of fat, it’s all out there. Work that out for yourself, don’t expect me to help, I did it all for myself, don’t be a fatty lazy bones. Then make sure you eat that new calorie amount in total by the end of the day. So if you need to eat 1750 to lose one pound of fat then do whatever it takes. PAY ATTENTION to what you put in, make sure you take out and the balance sheet will be healthy. How hard is this for goodness sake!

If you go out to dinner a lot because you can but you are not able to lose weight? Well stop it you fool. The reason you are getting fatter is you are putting food in your mouth that you don’t know intimately. The fat content in that food is exactly why you are a porker. Do you like a curry or italian or chinese? Don’t eat this stuff in a restaurant. You don’t know how healthy their food really is. Make one at home but do it in advance of when you want it. Make homemade accessory foods like naan breads and make chapatis instead of popadums. It’s not rocket science, any half wit can manage naan bread and chapati, Google them.

The only reason you are fat and not losing weight is because you are lazy. And it’s easy to reverse it before it’s too late. Look at me. I started at 127.1kg now I am 122kg it’s taken me about one and a quarter months, (since 29th October 2012). And I am not really pushing the exercise boat out. Can you imagine the extra I would lose if I did proper exercise as well?

Oh and I had chocolate once this week (a Wispa bar) and once last week (a KitKat bar) so don’t bother lecturing me on how boring my diet is.

Have fun with the choices but PAY ATTENTION and make sure you keep buying fruit and veg not only is it good for you but it’s way cheaper than processed rubbish.

My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #4 November 2012

Well this month has seen some ups and downs. You will recall I started at 127.1kg and my last recording on the same scales put me at 124.0kg this means that overall I have lost weight but I haven’t really tried that hard. And I know I am less than that right now but I have chosen not to weigh myself unless its a weigh-in day. All I have done is been a bit more careful to choose the lower fat option where it exists and exercise a bit more.

You see I am a recovering fataholic and I need to change my mind-set. I know I share this problem with a lot of people and that is why I am writing this blog, to share my thoughts. I am not the only person in the world who needs to lose weight to become just obese. As far as I am concerned it’s all in the mind. I believe we are addicted to fat and that’s why we do what we do.

When I exercise I’m not talking about jogging around the park. I mean the sort of exercise that will just get myself out of puff. A walk can do that for most of us fatties. Or going up and down the stairs a couple of times at home.

I bought this digital watch off ebay that measures my pulse. It can do a lot more besides but I’m not smart enough to maximise it’s potential, anyway I use it when I am on my treadmill or out walking. I know that as long as I am working at around 120bpm on my pulse that I am in what my body considers to be a fat-burning zone. We are all a bit different. Your bpm target may be relevant to your weight, height, age etc. But it is definitely individual to you. So anyway when I exercise I make sure I get to my target quickly and then stay there for at least 10 mins. Even 10mins and one second is good enough.

I have also noticed my food shopping bill has started to reduce too. This is definitely as a result of our purchasing vegetables and fruit over the usual rubbish. I am now making meals from proper food instead of buying in ready-meals too. I mean if you can’t manage eggs on toast or jacket potato what good are you? Really? You should take yourself out the back and shoot yourself. Tsk! Ready meals are not going to be kind to your system so stop it. I do a lot of fish stews because I like them – we are all different. Do what you like and you will enjoy changing your mind-set.

I noticed towards the end of the month that I didn’t lose weight one week. This was the same week I failed to get much exercise. I was out on business a fair bit and my travelling made me too tired to exercise plus the hotel didn’t have a gym. It’s remarkable how something as simple as a walk around my block at lunchtime can impact on my overall weight gain or loss.

I am not selling anything here, I am a fatty trying to be a thinny without the usual rigmarole of yo-yo diets. I’ve tried Slim Fast I’ve taken a pot shot at Slimming World. I’ve even been and done the Atkins Diet. And each time I have not believed the ethics behind the diet. Let me explain. As a businessman I understand the concept of the three line accounts system. The top line is your sales, the middle line is your costs and the bottom line is your profit. It’s the same for food going into your mouth. The top line is the amount of food you consume and it’s calories. The middle line is the amount of exercise you get to burn it off. The bottom line is the result. Weight Loss or Weight Gain. Simple really. So if you think a fancy diet is the key to your long term weight loss, think again. Changing your mind is the key. Having smaller portions, exercising more, sleeping properly and choosing healthier options. These are the right way to lose weight for the long term. I am living proof that it’s working.

You might notice I am quite upbeat and positive about being a recovering fataholic this time around. It’s because I am noticing the changes in my head as much as anywhere else. While I was away on business I was staying at a hotel that had such an appallingly unhealthy menu I couldn’t even order the salad without eating more fat than I am currently used to, (it had fried chicken and bacon in it). I would have been better off popping out and eating at a local takeaway but I have tried to brainwash myself to avoid them at all costs so I took my punishment and resolved to learn that if I was ever going to stay at this hotel again I would not book and pay for the evening meal option.

Some of you will say I can’t do what you’re doing because I am poor. I have to shop at Walmart or Aldi or whatever discount store you use because you think you cannot afford it, blah blah blah. Stop whining. I buy fruit and vegetables. They are cheap. Cheaper than anything else in that store you go to so don’t give me that excuse, it won’t work. You have to eat fruit and vegetables quickly because they have a rubbish shelf life. Don’t give me the “I’m poor” bull because it doesn’t wash. You have NO EXCUSE to fail doing things this way unless you are getting fat for some other reason like a medical one. In which case what the hell are you reading this for? My blog is for fataholics. Our problem is in our minds. We eat food because we want to comfort eat or stress eat or some other reason which is addiction related. To us food is an addiction like cigarettes or alcohol. The results for us is just as fatal. We literally are dying for some food! So any medical fatties really ought not to read this.

I am getting on with my life. My wife started measuring my vital areas – my belly and my chest. Everywhere else was unimportant to me or her. We agreed that once the tape starts to show losses, irrespective of the weight going up or down – we would know things are working.

Well – GOOD NEWS! – I have to report my chest has lost a half and inch and my belly has lost a whole inch. I know it’s going somewhere, I don’t really care where, as long as it’s not back on me! But that’s about as upbeat as it gets for me. My life is not extraordinary, my stresses and strains are no different to anybody else. I am quite normal.

I just decided to stop taking notice of the marketing departments of KFC, MacDonalds, Pizza Hut who were trying to convince me that eating their food was a good idea.

Maybe you could join me and start making the change for yourself too. Tell me how you get on. We could maybe swap stories? I still suffer at the mercies of the English Chip Shop. It’s the smell. I grew up with these things. I want them so much whenever I see/smell them. That’s my weakness. What’s yours?