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My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #14 August 2013

I have just been on holiday. I ate an English “cream tea”, an ice cream, a plate of fish and chips (twice), a 3-course meal at a chinese restaurant. You will notice I said those in singular terms apart from the fish and chips. The rest of the time I walked beaches or tramped the paths in town or climbed stairs in museums or shops or up cliffsides and so forth. In fact I chose these particular activities for their active nature. A fortnight on a beach being a lazy whale changing from pale to sunburned and gaining weight seemed contrary to what I am trying to do so I actively fought the impulse to buy a cheap holiday abroad. Here’s the tale of the tape:

I started at 117.4kg and have just weighed in at 117.4kg. I call that a result!

I tend to weigh myself on the same scales, at the same time of day using the same daily start, ablutions, cup of tea and so forth. I wear a tracksuit bottom and a t-shirt and socks. I have been doing this since I discovered that my normal work clothes and shoes can account for sometimes 2-4kg, (heavy denim or heavy corduroy, shoes, jumper etc). My reasoning behind this is that if I want to know what I weigh then I must put just me on the scales. It might seem petty to you but to me and my idiosyncrasies it makes perfect sense. I wonder how many professional footballers use lucky socks or pants or boots and fluff games when the right bits don’t fall into the right places?

I have a son who puts my obesity to shame. He eats just enough, has been known to stop mid way through a bowl of ice cream or a bar of chocolate and say “I’ve had enough”. I would pay money to have what he has. You would pay money too wouldn’t you? He can be full on two bowls of plain rice with soy sauce. He swims, does gymnastics, runs, plays outdoors almost constantly, has active mates and even gets awards at school for his athletic prowess. If I was at the same school as him I would be proud to be his friend and I believe I would protect him, (having been a taller child throughout my formative years). He is not academically superior and that means he is level-headed about life and his expectations are well grounded. But his single-minded attitude gives him the motivation to succeed at his sporting goals. How I wish I had this same motivation. What is your motivation? Death? Loneliness?

I have previously mentioned that I have been diagnosed as having problems with my liver. I am not alone in this, apparently millions of you fatties have what I have but you just don’t know it. If you knew your liver was 5 years past it’s sell-by date would you change? If you knew that your favourite bad food – a burger or doughnut or bag of chips/crisps or a bowl of chilli or an indian takeaway or whole bar of chocolate etc etc – has enough poison in it to kill you if your liver and kidney couldn’t operate the way they currently do – would you stop eating it? Or finish it and say you will stop tomorrow? It’s just one. I won’t eat later if I have this now. It’s just a small one.

And all the other platitudes you use to avoid facing up to the fact you are fat because you put crap in your mouth and don’t think about it. You sit on the sofa watching crap on the television and don’t think about it.

Today is Sunday. For breakfast I had a couple of wholemeal toast with marmalade. For lunch I am having grilled skinless chicken and green salad. For tea I am having a rice based meal made from ingredients we bought at the greengrocers (not ready-made crap). I am snacking on a weighed out measure of dates and on the ingredients list on the packet it says the ingredients are: DATES (that’s it, no extra crap).

So my blog today is about a couple of things really.

1. You can treat yourself if you use moderation and exercise appropriately. You do not need to deny yourself the things you like in life so long as you avoid excess.

2. Not knowing what goes into your food will kill you. DEAD!

Check out these lovely videos. Please make sure you watch them on a full stomach of proper food… 🙂

Jamie Oliver on what makes a MacDonalds Burger:

Some guy explaining how Chicken Nuggets are made (disgusting but funny):

Until next time. Please be healthy, stop eating food that contains things you can’t understand and get off the chair and go up ad down the stairs ten times in each direction. Go on, do it. I dare you. In fact I double dare you! In fact I am going to do it myself as soon as I have finished posting this.