Diary of The Recovering Fataholic. June 2014

Today I am 105.4kg which is 232.3lbs or 16st 8lbs

What a few weeks it has been. My weight loss has slowed right down but not paused. That’s great news for my motivation. To be honest – breaking 106kg was quite a big deal in effort and concentration after the joy of being told by the doctor that I had returned to normal. And all this through low carb eating and simple walking on a treadmill.

I was eating low carb but burning the fat at the same time. Losing weight for me is a consequence, not the focus. Perhaps that’s why I am successful at losing weight. I simply don’t try losing weight, I just pay attention to my diet regime and the weight slips off sort of accidentally.

What totally threw me was a sudden urge to run. Well jog. Well move my bottom at a pace which to me resembled life or death but to a passing motorist would only present as mildly agitated walk but from my angle was a possible heart attack in progress. So I encouraged my boy to come for a run and after a personal best on the treadmill of 200m at 4kph I felt invincible and donned a pair of rugby shorts not seen on my legs since the middle of 1999. Next I slipped on a pair of cheap Tesco trainers I bought for a £10er and we were off. Then there was the hill. My boy was encouraging me and got me to a new personal best of 600m. So we did a little “dance of joy” as my Big Sis calls it and then came the heavy realisation I still had to get back home. I might have to rethink this running business.

Well tonight I am posting this under the blare of a fan trying to hold back the tidal wave of sweat as I cool down from a treadmill session with the following recorded details:

Speed – 5.6kp/h — Incline – 5.9% — Time – 22mins

This gave me

Distance – 2.05km — Altitude Climbed – 121.15m — Cals Burned – 262.71 (don’t forget the 0.71)

Oh and for the first time since we bought it many years ago – I went on our trampoline. Now I can see why the kids are on it all the time. What fun! 🙂






6 thoughts on “Diary of The Recovering Fataholic. June 2014

  1. Mama Ames

    This statement is very thought provoking, “Losing weight for me is a consequence, not the focus. Perhaps that’s why I am successful at losing weight. I simply don’t try losing weight, I just pay attention to my diet regime and the weight slips off sort of accidentally.”

    I’m not sure how I would get to this point, but I see how it could be very helpful for my weight loss efforts.


    1. mariochappell Post author

      Hello ketoneaddict

      Thank you for your kind words.

      If you just do what you do but do it to the best of your ability I reckon that’s all anybody can ask.

      The weight will come off if the formula you are using is the right one and you are following it.

      We can all be secret eaters eh? I fancied something really sweet one day when I was driving home, a few weeks ago. I had a round 150 miles to go and I was nodding off. So I stopped for coffee (black, no sugar – of course) and I just couldn’t help myself, the bag of Minstrels chocolates just jumped into my hand and begged me to buy them. Well how could I say no? There were none left by the time I got home.

      But what I did was record them, not hide it, like it never happened. I confessed to my wife in a matter of fact way. And told her not to worry because now I had done that my craving was over. Being open and honest about these dark times helps me personally to stay on track, to continue to follow the path I have chosen for myself. The right formula – for me.

      As long as you stick to your formula and it’s the right one for you, then you will lose weight “sort of accidentally” too — I’m sure of it.

      Good luck with it.


      1. ketoneaddict

        You’re so right, especially about honesty. I have fallen off the wagon recently as well. And like you, this time I confessed to myself and my husband and got right back on track. This is a huge deal for me because I used to use a slip up as a reason to eat away and “start again on Monday.” Like you, I’m not perfect, but I am now paying attention to my triggers. I realize that if I am going to be successful I have to do things differently. Your post and response have been a great encouragement to me. Thank you. Congrats on your progress!!!


  2. Low Carb Is Not Boring

    Congratulations… I think that when one eats a LCHF diet, they are not as consumed with thoughts of food.. We don’t go throughout our entire day hungry, so the weight can just “slip” off. Enjoy that trampoline..


    1. mariochappell Post author

      Thanks Patti.

      Yes, I am definitely over treating food like it is a reward for my feelings. I got over that with lashings of fish. It’s great the way the protein holds back the hunger. You are so right about not being hungry all day. I am very grateful because my busy lifestyle forces me to eat in odd ways sometimes.

      If I am too busy to make food I open two cans of tuna (225g ish) add some low carb french dressing and scoff. I call it my “Meeow-Mix” which makes the kids laugh but I can be eating in 2 minutes flat and that will hold me for so many hours.

      I have started lowering my fat levels though just because I want to really, no reason. But I am not obsessive about it and I think that’s my key.

      Eat right and eat well. I can’t believe so few people eat the way we do Patti. I love it.

      Good luck with it and kind regards



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