Hello Blogosphere

I hope you have had a better couple of weeks than I have.

You will recall I returned from a holiday where apart from relaxing I ate bad things like ice-cream and fish and chips and all that bad stuff? And you will recall I came back from that holiday having not gained weight.

Well my triumph didn’t last long. I have gained weight; it is not much but it’s a “gain”.

My colleague went on holiday straight after I returned and I am the holiday cover for that job. It’s the same job that saw me go from 80kg back in 1999 to 120kg last year. Over the space of 13 years I have gained 40kg or 88lbs or 6.3 stones in or around ‘that chair’. I don’t hate it or fear it. It’s just a chair and the job isn’t rocket science. But it does involve an extraordinary amount of personal sacrifice in terms of comforts. I call it the whipping post. Just like Jesus’ whipping post back in those days you get punished and praised in equal measure for the simple job of trying to be fair to all. For being a professional nice guy. So it was inevitable that I was going to seek comfort in something once I had quit smoking and it ended up being Pepperoni Pizza, Chips, Burgers, Chinese, Indian, crap. All of it was and still is crap. I would end up so dog-tired at the end of a gruelling day. Some days I would literally roll out of bed, bimble down to breakfast and eat. Then roll into the car and drive to work, then bimble into my chair, that chair. Then stay there, sometimes not even getting up to go for a pee until 5pm. I might stay there until the early or late evening then bimble back into the car, drive back home, eat more food and then without digesting go straight to bed. No exercise at all. Just talking to people all day. The weight gain started to accelerate once I gave up smoking in 2005 but I was already ‘solid’ back then. Add one holiday trip to America into the mix and pop goes the belly! I gained a whole stone in one month from that American trip.

So back to the present and that chair had me in it’s evil clutches once more and it did to me what it always does. It made me fat! Well fatter. I ate but I didn’t exercise and that’s where it all goes wrong for me. I HAVE to exercise or I get fat. That’s the key to my success right there. So now that my colleague is back and things are settling down I must get a grip on myself once more and do more exercise to un-balance the calories going into my body from the food I am eating back in my favour again.

Personally my favourite exercise is walking. I got a subscription to Country Walking magazine where you can pick the great walks it posts at the back of the magazine that you can cut out and take with you for step by step guidance without the expense of GPS devices.

I also have a treadmill I can use and an adroid phone where you can download the app for Fat Secret. That’s got a neat little gadget that lets you scan the barcodes on most foods and it pre-loads them in for you to adjust the quantity to what serving you are eating then accept and move on. A great update from them in my humble opinion. And seeing the number of calories going in makes the job of stopping them so much easier

Last weekend I had had enough and took my sorry arse out for a walk. I went geocaching. If you don’t know what that is research via the internet for the clear explanation but basically you select a target cache and use the clues and co-ordinates given to find it. Most require that you walk there and that’s where the exercise bit slips in unnoticed (we hope). But it was so hot and I took my daughter with me so I only got to walk for about 3 miles. It’s tough being a dad. You want to do the right thing to show them you can and it’s ok to be healthy but then they wimp out coz they are just kids and you are torn between the two halves of that dilemma, oh well.

So with all of that at my disposal plus the love and joy of my extended family encouraging me to ‘just do it’ I guess there is nothing left for it. I will start it all again on Monday… and will naturally keep you posted on the results.

Oh? You wanted to know how much I had gained? I don’t know to be honest. I’m too scared to get on the scales. All I can tell you is that my hips ache, I’m constantly tired, I don’t do much activity, I just feel heavier. And then I went and tripped up over this article about how fat drivers are more likely to die than thin drivers and I really felt cheerful, not. 🙂

What do you think I should do to lose the weight? Let me know by replying using the link here. If the activity is not unnatural I may just do it and photograph myself in the process.


2 thoughts on “My low fat diet blog from “The Recovering Fataholic” #15 September 2013

    1. mariochappell Post author

      31/01/2014 – Hi Shaddy. My carb days are over for 3 months. The liver witch has me now following a virtual Atkins diet to try to unblock my liver results from being off the chart… if it works she will most likely put me on a slightly less rigid regime for the rest of my life.



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